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Scientific Researcher in the frame of Acoustic and Vibrations Laboratory of COMOTI.
Scientific Researcher in the frame of Physics and Chemical Testing Laboratory of COMOTI.

Contributions on National and European research projects for noise and vibration control field, emissions and air quality monitoring. Responsible for analysis and reports, scientific papers and articles related to noise, vibration and air quality.

UNIX/Linux administrator, software and hardware maintenance, network traffic control and security support, website maintenance and web design development. Developer of software written in Shell/Bash/Python/PERL/MYSQL/ORACLE/PHP/HTML for applications dedicated to research and innovation activities.

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Workshop on Common Borders Common Solutions Together for New Partnerships
Friday, October 19, 2012, was held in Calarasi the workshop „Common Borders, Common Solutions, Toghether for New Partnerships”, organized by National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI within the project Support Actions to create New RDI partnerships in trans-border area in order to bring together Business and Research for accessing European Founds – SANDI, implemented in the frame of Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, in cooperation with Angel Kanchev University from Ruse.

The opening of the event was made by Mr Gheorghe Fetea, Scientific Director of COMOTI, who underlined the necessity of deepen cooperation between the two borders comunities of the Danube River in the research and innovation field. „Science is the same on both sides of the Danube” he said. COMOTI wants expanding the research area on both sides, and together with Angel Kanchev University to become partners of European Research Network.

The President of FDCL (Democracy and Cultural Foundation for Liberty Calarasi), Mr. Dragos Seuleanu, invited guest at the workshop, welcomed SANDI partners and emphasized that more innovative companies are needed in order to capitalize the traditions of the trans-border area. It is necessary that more local authorities to be involved in stimulation of the innovative activity.

"We have to know in which fields we need development and to use our national DNA, to capitalize the traditions – for example, business comunity from Bulgaria are interested to exploit the honey, there is a tradition of medicinal plants cultivation and recovery; if business men would correlate these tho areas with biotechnologies, this could become a market flagship.”

Mrs. Victoria Teleaba, technical coordinator of the SANDI project, has presented the implementation stage of the project and underlined the merits and quality of Romanian and Bulgarian teams personnel involved.

Were presented the support actions performed so far: the Round Table at Ruse University and the Caravan organized in Romanian Counties, Mehedinti, Olt,. Dolj, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Calarasi and Constanta.
She presented the project studies, the elaborated scientific articles and organized courses for master and PhD students both in COMOTI Institute, and in Angel Kanchev University of Ruse.
It was presented CBC-Partners network and the website developed within the project (, underlining the concern to identify the local needs, the difficulties in implementing specific environmental legislation and especially for discovery of suitable partners for creating new consortia and submit projects for fundraising and regional development of the area. We have to prove that we can contribute with innovative ideas in large-scale European projects and we can successfully implement them.

Mr. Sorin Gabroveanu talked about X-Noise European network, in which COMOTI is part.

As a regional focal point of the X-Noise network, COMOTI is concerned with responsibility in the frame of the European Project for identifying local resources in research, experimentation and for attract and integrate them into the overall X-Noise network. The new partners are in this respect the Bulgarian partner, Angel Kanchev University of Ruse, integrated in X-Noise network through SANDI project.

Mr. Silviu Emil Ionescu, the Project Manager, has presented the activity of COMOTI institute and its involvement in successful projects in the field of environmental protection, acoustics, vibration and physical-chemical testing, highlighting the specific research work of the SANDI team members in National and European projects .

Mr. Marian Nitulescu detailed the testing activities in the field of screw compressors, presenting the approached thematic and the case study results achieved in the compressors field.

The specific activity of manufacturing and testing composite materials was presented by Mrs. Raluca Voicu specialist in materials science, which highlighted the outstanding results achieved within the OPENAIR European project in which COMOTI is involved partner.

Mrs. Tanya Groseva from University of Ruse presented the university activities and its involvement in successful projects and Mr. Valeri Georgiev, expert - representative of the Municipality of Silistra made an extensive presentation on the use of renewable energy sources and the energy interdependency locally needed.

Dna Iuliana Dinu wanted to send the support and encouragement message of the National Authority for Scientific Research of Romania (ANCS), in order to access National and European funds, for support of research and innovation.

Invited as an international expert in the field of acoustic/noise, Mr. Nico van Oosten from Anotec company – Spain, succeeded to capture attention with a very interesting material on noise monitoring at airport level and with the new equipments and software used at European level.

The workshop ended with a poster and advertising materials session, open discussions being held between the invited guests, in order to identify common areas of interest and initiate new proposals and projects.,

The event was supported by a local media campaign (radio) and was transmitted online on, where interviews realized with this occasion can be still visualized.

Workshop Presentations:

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