Romanian Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI
Ave. Iuliu Maniu 220D, sector 6, Bucharest
+40214340240, +40214340198


Founded in 1985, under the name of Scientific Research and Technological Engineering for Aviation Engines within INCREST, former aviation institute, COMOTI becomes in 1996, as a result of institutional evaluation and certification, COMOTI Turbine Engines Research and Development Institute .

COMOTI Turbine Engines Research and Development Institute is the only unit in Romania specialized in development and integration of scientific research, constructive and technological design, manufacturing, experimentation, testing, technological transfer and innovation in the field of aviation turbine engines, gas turbine industrial machines and high speed blade machines.

Constant research led to high reliability industrial products: power sets, electrical or turbine natural gas compressor sets and gas turbine co-generative groups.

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