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Common Borders, Common Solutions with CBC Partners

CBC Partners means partnerships in The Romania - Bulgaria
Cross Border Area for a sustainable development

Everything about The CBC Partners Network


Find relevant information about all Universities and their facilities related to all the network fields. Search for educational events, workshops, fairs and opportunities to work on National or European projects in collaboration with Research Institutes and Universities.


Find relevant information about all Research and Development Institutes with their facilities. Search for free training opportunities or even jobs for desired fields. Create partnerships and even consortiums between Institutes and Universities in order to access EU Founds.


Bridging the gap between Research and Business is the key which leads you to success. Find the perfect partner as Company, Research Institutes and Universities in order to create future projects on EU Founds. Search for the best experts in your field and improve your business.


Find relevant information about all Authorities in The Cross Border Area. Search for general information about environmental EU legislation which must be applied. Learn more about environmental monitoring related to soil quality, water quality, air quality and noise control.

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